Digging foundations can be tricky and is best left to the professionals. It’s not as simple as hiring out a digger and digging. Each footing and foundations has regulations.

Regulations dictate that there are specific dimensions (thickness’s and widths). These are dependant on what you plan on building and the type of ground that you are building on.

The actual depth of what you intend to dig, depends on the local subsoil. When digging foundations and footings the location of drains and other pipe work has to be seriously considered. Causing damage to drainage and other pipes can set your project back hundreds and thousands!

There is also a series of obstacles that will need to be negotiated during the dig, all of which will need to be tackled and dealt with before concreting. Obstacles include gas and water pipes and building inspectors.

Once the footings have been dug to the required depths – inspections may be required from building control. The width of your footings will be listed in the regulations and the depth will be dictated by what type of subsoil we will dig out.

The footings are then turned into foundations by concreting (adding concrete) the footings. It is important to work out the correct amount of concrete that the job will require. Once the concrete has been poured and applied – it may have to be left visible for another building control inspection.

What ever you require our foundations digging services for – we can help.